Douglas Thrift

Douglas Thrift’s Search Engine

Douglas Thrift’s Search Engine is an indexing search engine for use on small websites such as personal or small business sites. It is designed to be very similar to Google for end users and its output is customizable. For indexing, it supports both the Robots Exclusion Protocol and the Robots META Tag.

The search engine is written in C++ and works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and other UNIX systems.

It is no longer maintained, but it probably still works. You can find more about it with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine on the old page Douglas Thrift’s Computers Website | Search Engine.



On FreeBSD, you can install it from the port www/dtse:

cd /usr/ports/www/dtse
make install

Or you can use pkg instead:

pkg install dtse



Usage: Search [index ...] [-P page] [-h header] [-b body]
              [-f footer] [-n notfound] [-p pages]
              [-i begin] [-d domain ...] [-r restriction ...]
              [-D] [-version] [-help]
  index             Index file to use (can only use one file for indexing)
  -P page           Page of search to display (defaults to 1)
  -h header         Header template to use (defaults to header.html)
  -b body           Body template to use (defaults to body.html)
  -f footer         Footer template to use (defaults to footer.html)
  -n notfound       Not found template to use (defaults to notfound.html)
  -p pages          Pages template to use (defaults to pages.html)
  -i begin          URL to begin indexing (causes indexing rather than search)
  -d domain         Domain to include in indexing
  -r restriction    URL to restrict from indexing
  -D                Display debug information
  -version          Display version information and exit
  -license          Display license information and exit
  -help             Display this message and exit